About Me

    It started out as a joke in 2004 when I started learning to play the piano. Around my house I was known as "The Maestro". Okay, so it was also a "Seinfeld Episode". That coupled with the unique name and the fact that nobody else uses the name led me to name the site "Maestrographics".

    Back then I was learning basic HTML website design, image editting, css, flash programming and then I discovered the language of PHP. I now find myself intrigued with frameworks and am partial to Cakephp.

    About this site.

    I created this site in order to share my findings with other programmers.

    For Hire







    If you would like a website then Im currently available for hire, my services range from a simple static website to a complete database driven site. If you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your project in further detail. Below are a few of the services I can offer.





    • Ecommerce site which accepts credit cards
    • Custom designed database driven website
    • Content Management System
    • Blog
This side banner is Jquery.

Jquery can give your site life. Besides creating games, you can animate anything you want to.

Coming Soon

This text will be a news feed.

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