It has been 1876 days since Superstorm Sandy struck the U.S. east coast.
Games are the hot item!

I now make games! Games are demanding of object programming in Javascript and Jquery. Most of my games are mobile friendly and some, but not all are battery friendly. Games require a lot of processor power so the average smart-phone has it's challenges. All of my games are cross-browser compatible.

  Space Invaders   Pacman  
  Tetris   Asteroids  

Chat Box

  I now have applications to allow a Gmail and Facebook type chatbox for your site. Isn't the communication age great? I can alter this to be an entire chat room.
  This page automatically detects if the user is on a smartphone or mobile device and downsizes the app for viewing. I use all original code created by me. This application uses javascript due to the timing aspects and ajax due to the xml file storage.

My Current Project

I am currently creating testing software. The user or administrator can create tests or quizzes for fun or to evaluate the skills of people. This has many uses, from colleges to test students or companies to test possible employees for interviews. All results are saved in the database for analysis. The administrator can choose to have the test timed....see the entire test at once or question by question.


The front end



The back end


Photo Gallery Project

This is an image storing program. This is designed to be similar to Flickr or Photobucket. You can easily upload, crop and select the order of images displayed. Any registrant can create different galleries or albums.

The front end

Zoom In.

The back end

My latest.

Here is my latest site! The thing I implimented with this site is an xml sitemap. I had the major search engines recognizing this site within an hour! How cool is that? No more waiting 2 weeks for your site to show up on google.

How far do you want to go? In this site I make it so the administrator can upload pics for the front and gallery slideshows. The program crops images so as not to distort them. You can change the order in which the images are shown and you can input a caption as well as text for when the viewer clicks on an image. There is a hit counter through the database also. The contact page data is recorded as well as their ip address. The administrator can respond with a secure html mailer. Oh...the response is recorded also and all of this is viewable in the administration panel. All the testimonials and services are editted, too. There is very little set html that cannot be changed, even styles!



The administration makes it simple to edit all the features.




The administration also makes it simple to edit the images.


I use Magento for ecommerce

Magento is the most popular ecommerce frameworks available. It can be a little involved getting your application looking like you want and this is why the developer needs to understand xml and html with style.

This side banner is Jquery.

Jquery can give your site life. Besides creating games, you can animate anything you want to.

Coming Soon

This text will be a news feed.

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